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Material Transfers

Tangible research materials (TRMs) refers to tangible items produced during the course of academic activities and includes, among other things, biological materials such as clones, plasmids, gene fragments, DNA probes, hybridomas or other cell lines, transgenic animals and plant breeding materials.

Outgoing Transfers

CTL manages MTAs for all outgoing transfers of TRMs, including those from Cornell's Ithaca campus, Weill Cornell Medical College, Cornell Tech, and the NYSAES, to organizations outside of Cornell. For assistance or more information about Material Transfers, contact the general inbox at with any questions or concerns.

If you wish to explore the possibility of an outgoing transfer with minimal to no involvement of CTL, please click here.


CTL uses repositories for TRMs that are protected by patents. Additionally, repositories for TRMs can be used if the researchers would rather use a third party to manage the maintenance and shipment of TRMs developed in their research. Repositories will provide services at a charge to Cornell. CTL has approved the repositories listed below for specific purposes and the use of such repositories must be authorized for the purposes of material transfer of patented material and other TRMs.

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