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CTL Newsletter Archive

Newsletters published between 2007 and 2014 use CTL's former name, "Cornell Center for Technology Enterprise & Commercialization (CCTEC)," when referring to this office.

November 2014

  • TeraPore Technologies Inc., High Performance Ultrafiltration
  • MirCan Therapeutics: Preventing the Metastatic Spread of Breast Cancer

July 2014

  • CCTEC Matches Cornell Venture Challenge Winners
  • First Annual Upstate New York Health Sciences Symposium

April 2014

  • ImmunoVent, LLC: A Novel Approach to Allergy Testing
  • ZYMtronix Catalytic Systems, Inc. Biocatalysis in Motion©
  • CCTEC Outreach & Public Affairs

December 2013

  • Cornell Technology Venture Forum and Technology Innovations Gala Reception
  • Cornell University Licenses Addiction Vaccine to VaxLogic, LLC
  • Suntomics Inc: A Cornell startup tracking the sun efficiently
  • CCTEC Outreach & Public Affairs

August 2013

  • Cornell Startup, Empire Robotics, Inc., is a Winner at Three Business Plan Competitions
  • Cornell Licenses Genomic Biomarkers to Empire Genomics
  • Wine Grape Varieties Released in 2013
  • CCTEC Outreach & Public Affairs

February 2013

  • Cornell Startup is Developing Products Based on Stem and Endothelial Cell-Related Technologies
  • Smartphone Based Mobile Healthcare Accessories
  • Cornell Venture Challenge - Business Plan Competition
  • CCTEC Outreach & Public Affairs

November 2012

  • Exploring the Health Benefits of Nicotinamide Riboside
  • Cornell's Apple Rootstock Breeding Program
  • Cornell Technology Venture Forum™
  • Startup Boot Camp

July 2012

  • Cornell Spins Out Three New Companies this Spring
  • Cornell Startup is Developing an Improved Laparoscopic Bag
  • Functional Assay for Human Male Fertility

March 2012

  • An Online Wizard for Bird Identification
  • Restoring Normal Vision to Blind or Severely Visually Impaired Individuals
  • Promoting National Economic Development Through the Formation of Startups

November 2011

  • Studying RNA Movement in Cells
  • Cornell Startup Improves Environmental Health & Safety Programs
  • 2011 Cornell Technology Venture Forumâ„¢ and Technology Innovations Gala Reception

June 2011

  • Cornell's Berry Breeding Program
  • Ezra Pharmaceutical, Inc. is Developing Therapy for Diabetic Retinopathy
  • Cornell Angel Network Broadens its Reach
  • Post Anonymously on Cornell BioPharma Network and Cornell NanoMat Network
  • Cornell Venture Challenge
  • Inaugural Director of the McGovern Family Center
  • Pre-Seed Workshop

March 2011

  • Biodegradable Biomaterial Platform Technology for Human Body Repair
  • A New Type of Immunotherapy for Allergy
  • Business Plan Competition
  • Funding Opportunities
  • Cornellboration®: CCTEC's Online Networking Sites
  • 30th Anniversary of Bayh-Dole Act

December 2010

  • Cornell Software Now in iTunes Store
  • Cornell Startup, Pacific Biosciences, Goes Public
  • Radiotherapy Sensitizer for Cancer Treatment
  • Cornell Technology Venture Forum™

July 2010

  • Software that Calculates Medical Radiation Exposure
  • Training Device for Linemen

April 2010

  • Cornell Startup, ADispell, Will Develop Treatment for Alzheimer's Disease
  • Weill Cornell Researchers Take First Steps Towards a Vaccine to Overcome Drug Addiction
  • CCTEC New Business & Emerging Technology Showcase™
  • Inventions Roundtable™ - Medical Devices

February 2010

  • Cornell Startup, Coferon, is Developing a Novel Platform for Drug Discovery
  • Portable, Low Cost, Ultrasonic Treatment for Chronic Pain

December 2009

  • Manufacturing Organic Electronics Using Well-Established Semiconductor Industry Infrastructure
  • Pre-Clinical Measurement System of Potential Side Effects in Drug Candidates

October 2009

  • Cotton Candy Forms Capillary Model
  • New Biopsy Test May Predict Which Patents are at Risk for Breast Cancer Metastasis
  • Cornell Technology Venture Forum™ and Technology Innovation Gala

August 2009

  • Synthetic Protein Production Cuts Costs
  • Parkinson's Disease Model Mice Help Researchers Evaluate Human Treatments

June 2009

  • Raspberry "Superfruit" at Affordable Prices
  • A Promising New Test to Keep Track of Salt Intake

April 2009

  • C Dots May Improve Cancer Imaging
  • Q Therapeutics, Inc. Begins Clinical Trials on Their First Product

December 2008

  • Using Sound Waves to Map the Inside of the Eye
  • Bringing Together Researchers, Entrepreneurs, and Investors

October 2008

  • Achronix Semiconductor Releases New Product
  • Weill Cornell Medical College Researchers Seek Novel Cure for Tuberculosis
  • Cornell Nanomat Network Launched

July 2008

  • New Hope for Asthma Sufferers
  • Inventions Roundtable™ Brings Together Inventors and Industry
  • Join the Cornell BioPharma Network

May 2008

  • Mapping the Human Genome for Less Than $1,000
  • CCTEC and Cornell Alumni Celebrate Entrepreneurs

March 2008

  • Cornell Technology Helps Track Global Opinions Online
  • Discoveries at WCMC Provide Tools to Fight Cancer Metastasis

January 2008

  • Clean Solar Energy Cells Could Lower Utility Bills
  • Potential New Source for Stem Cells

December 2007

  • Cornell Technologies Attract Potential Investors
  • CCTEC Open House

September 2007

  • NAP Gene Technology Keeps Plants Young

August 2007

  • e2e Signs Cornell Licensing Deal
  • Weill Cornell Medical College Technology Awakens Long-Time Coma Survivor

June 2007

  • Welcome to Cornell Technology Transfer
  • Cornell Faculty Breakfast with Venture Capitalists
  • Achronix: Cornell Technology in Silicon Valley