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Ricochet: Lateral Error Correction for Time-Critical Cluster Multicast License

Ricochet is a low-latency reliable multicast protocol designed for time-critical clustered applications. The design uses IP multicast for data transmission and includes a novel repair mechanism in its implementation of lateral error correction. Unlike current multicast schemes, which scale poorly and can cause long latency, Ricochet was designed for scalability to provide a fast and reliable multicast scheme for layering under high-level abstractions such as publish-subscribe, group communication, and replicated service/object infrastructures.

Potential Applications

  • For layering under high-level abstractions
  • Clusters and datacenters


  • Highly scalable
  • Reliable
  • High speed

Ricochet is patent protected by Cornell University under US Patent 7,532,621 which is available for licensing.  Please follow the procedure below to secure a non-exclusive license to use US Patent 7,532,621:

  1. Download the Non-Exclusive License Agreement and read the terms.
  2. Enter your information in Appendix A.
  3. Sign as Licensee on each of the two separate copies.

Please send a check or money order for the license fee, payable to Cornell University, along with the two signed copies of the License Agreement, to:

Center for Technology Licensing at Cornell University
PO Box 6899
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