The Center for Technology Licensing (CTL) is Cornell University's technology transfer office. We manage technology for Cornell's Ithaca campus, Weill Cornell Medicine, Cornell Tech, and Cornell AgriTech in Geneva.

COVID-19 Related Technologies Ready for Commercialization


Point-of-Care-Testing for COVID-19Ultra-rapid (<5 minutes), highly-sensitive, and highly-specific detection of COVID-19 (TET-VirusDX), that is both cost-effective and easy to use. Read more

Dromedary Camel Neutralizing Antibodies Against SARS-CoV-2This technology describes neutralizing antibodies sourced from dromedary camels that are effective against SARS-CoV-2 and related coronaviruses. Read more

Tunable, Anti-inflammatory Immune Responsive Biomaterials for COVID-19 TreatmentA platform of anti-inflammatory polymeric biomaterials that provides tunable immune responses via the modulation of macrophage metabolism. Read more

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Vacuum Helmet to Contain Wearer-Expelled Aerosols During Medical ProceduresThis technology is a vacuum helmet that prevents the spread of patient aerosols during medical examinations and procedures while maintaining easy access to the patient’s nose and mouth. Read more

Drinking Mask with Protection against Respiratory IllnessesProtective mask (N-95, surgical, cloth, etc.) combined with an HME filter for safe drinking with others when social distancing is not possible. Read more