The Center for Technology Licensing (CTL) is Cornell University's technology transfer office. We manage technology for Cornell's Ithaca campus, Weill Cornell Medicine, Cornell Tech, and Cornell AgriTech in Geneva.

COVID-19 Related Technologies Ready for Commercialization


Point-of-Care-Testing for COVID-19Ultra-rapid (<5 minutes), highly-sensitive, and highly-specific detection of COVID-19 (TET-VirusDX), that is both cost-effective and easy to use. Read more

Dromedary Camel Neutralizing Antibodies Against SARS-CoV-2This technology describes neutralizing antibodies sourced from dromedary camels that are effective against SARS-CoV-2 and related coronaviruses. Read more

Tunable, Anti-inflammatory Immune Responsive Biomaterials for COVID-19 TreatmentA platform of anti-inflammatory polymeric biomaterials that provides tunable immune responses via the modulation of macrophage metabolism. Read more

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Vacuum Helmet to Contain Wearer-Expelled Aerosols During Medical ProceduresThis technology is a vacuum helmet that prevents the spread of patient aerosols during medical examinations and procedures while maintaining easy access to the patient’s nose and mouth. Read more