The Center for Technology Licensing (CTL) is Cornell University's technology transfer office. We manage technology for Cornell's Ithaca campus, Weill Cornell Medicine, Cornell Tech, and Cornell AgriTech in Geneva.

Type: Investors

Big Red Venture Fund

BR Venture Fund (BRV) is Johnson’s early stage venture capital fund. The fund is operated by a team of MBA students from Cornell’s Johnson Graduate School of Management.

Cayuga Venture Fund


Cayuga Venture Fund is based in Ithaca, NY. Since 1994, CVF has been working to create and establish a thriving community of leading edge, high tech start-up companies in Ithaca and upstate New York by providing the necessary capital and other resources they need to grow and prosper. CVF has a history of opportunistic investing across a wide variety of industry sectors. Many of its companies have a strong Cornell University technology connection.

Excell Partners, Inc.


Excell Partners, Inc., is a unique regional economic development partnership established in cooperation with the University of Rochester and the State of New York to manage a state-supported fund which provides pre-seed and seed stage financing to high-tech start-up companies in the Upstate New York region.

Golden Seeds


Founded in 2005, Golden Seeds began as a simple angel investing group. Golden Seeds has been purposefully recast into a disciplined investment organization. Today, with locations in New York, Boston, Silicon Valley, Southern California and Texas, their 100+ investors aid in all phases of the investment process with their resources and expertise.

Seed Capital Fund of CNY, LLC

Seed Capital Fund of CNY, LLC, members invest in and guide early stage technology companies in Syracuse and Central/Upstate New York. Their goal is to create wealth for investors and assist the region.