About Propel Fund

Propel Growth Fund is a $10 million seed fund to empower technology startup across NY State. It is an impact initiative with a mission to democratize entrepreneurship and technology ventures.

We invest in pre-seed and seed-stage companies, maintaining a technology-agnostic approach. Our focus is on startups with robust intellectual property or those that bridge the technology divide, ensuring universal access to innovations for socially and economically disadvantaged regions and individuals.

As an extension of the ONE Cornell vision, the fund aims to uplift the entrepreneurial ecosystem not only within the university but also across the state of New York. By providing crucial resources, mentorship, and financial backing, the fund seeks to bridge the gap in funding, training, and exposure, thereby fostering a diverse and inclusive landscape of innovation throughout the state. The program will leverage the partnership with the Center for Life Science Ventures (CLSV), the Praxis Center for Venture Development (Praxis), Rev: Ithaca Startup Works (Rev), the BioVenture eLab, the Runway Startup Postdoc Program at Cornell Tech (Runway), and South Side Innovation Center (SSIC).

Our objectives are to recruit, fund, and accelerate startups with high growth potential; to expand engagement with socially and economically disadvantaged regions and individuals; and to enhance the integration of participating communities, regions, and collaborating partners into the innovation ecosystem. This will lead to the success of startups and drive economic growth in New York State.

Together, we can forge a future where entrepreneurship and technology ventures truly empower all.

Key features of Propel fund and programs:

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Mentorship and Networking

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