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Meet the Panelists for the “Where’s the Edge? Opportunities in the Future of Computing from the Core to the Moon and Beyond” Nov 18th Panel

November 4, 2020

Where's the Edge? Nov 18th Panel



Rich BahrRick Bahr, Adjunct Professor at Stanford University and investor at Silicon Catalyst Angels


Rick Bahr is presently an adjunct professor with Stanford University, assisting research centers in the EE & CS departments. Previously, Rick was the executive director of Stanford University’s SystemX Alliance.


Prior to Stanford, Rick could be spotted as Sr VP of Engineering at Qualcomm, chartered with driving Wi-Fi technology. Rick joined Qualcomm through the 2011 Atheros Communications acquisition, a Wi-Fi product company he joined in 2000 to head engineering.


Prior to Atheros, Rick held multiple leadership positions in companies such as HP, Prime, Apollo and SGI (where he last was responsible for both MIPS processor and Cray supercomputer hardware engineering). Rick’s first 2 decades of professional life were devoted to processor design and architecture. The last decade and a half to communications.


Rick holds a BS and MS in Electrical Engineering, both from MIT.




Alex Behfar

Alex Behfar, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Odyssey Semiconductor Technologies, Inc.


Alex Behfar has over 30 years of experience in the semiconductor industry. He currently serves as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Odyssey Semiconductor Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB: ODII), an Ithaca, NY based start-up focused on high power gallium-nitride transistors used in electric vehicles, solar panels and industrial motors.


Alex is also a mentor for Praxis Center for Venture Development at Cornell University. He served as Senior Vice President and Chief Scientist, Photonics, for MACOM (NASDAQ: MTSI) from January 2016 to January 2019. Previously, Alex served as MACOM Senior Vice President and General Manager, Photonic Solutions from December 2014 to January 2016.


Prior to joining MACOM, in 2000, he founded BinOptics Corporation, a provider of InP lasers for data centers, mobile backhaul, silicon photonics and access networks, and served as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of BinOptics from its inception through MACOM’s December 2014 acquisition of BinOptics. Prior to BinOptics, Dr. Behfar worked at IBM for more than 10 years in various capacities, including Laser Enterprise, where he designed the first commercially viable high-power 830nm and 980nm GaAs-based lasers.


Laser Enterprise was later sold by IBM to Uniphase and is now part of II-VI Incorporated. He also served as IBM’s worldwide cross-functional Intellectual Assets Program Manager for optoelectronics and telecommunications.


Dr. Behfar has been awarded over 50 U.S. patents. He holds an M.S. and a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University and a B.Sc. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from King’s College, University of London.



Shahin Farshchi

Shahin Farshchi, Partner at Lux Capital


Shahin empowers entrepreneurs aiming to accelerate humanity towards a brighter future through feats of engineering. He is passionate about artificial intelligence, robots, space, cars, and engines—pretty much anything you might find in an episode of Star Trek.


He led Lux’s investments in Silicon Clocks (acquired by Silicon Labs), which shrank electronics by baking bulky quartz crystals into silicon chips; SiBeam (acquired by Lattice Semiconductor), which aims to eliminate wires from living rooms by introducing full-HD wireless connectivity; Planet, which is launching the world’s largest fleet of Earth-imaging satellites; Nervana (acquired by Intel), the first full-stack platform for machine intelligence; Mythic, bringing powerful AI to miniature, inexpensive devices; Zoox (acquired by Amazon), which is reinventing the automobiles from the ground up towards offering robotaxis and autonomous mobility to all people and things; Astranis, which is building low-cost telecommunications satellites; and, which empowers industrial machines to perceive and act like humans.


Shahin also led Lux’s role in the formation of several new companies including: Flex Logix, which makes chips that can reprogram themselves; Aeva, which brings perception to all machines; and Subspace, which delivers a real-time, latency-free internet.


Previously, Shahin co-founded Vista Integrated Systems, which built wireless vital sign monitors based on a neural interface technology he developed during his PhD at UCLA.


Shahin also developed hybrid electric vehicles for GM in Detroit, worked as a software developer in several Silicon Valley startups, and researched new techniques for semiconductor manufacturing. He earned his Bachelor’s in EECS at UC Berkeley.



Veerbjam Kheterpal

Veerbhan Kheterpal, CEO, Cofounder,, Inc.


Veerbhan has founded three technology companies and has full-stack expertise spanning software to silicon across Edge & Datacenter applications. Currently, he is a CEO & co-founder of, that has built a supercomputing platform for Edge applications.


Prior to, Veerbhan was a technical co-founder of 21 where he served in various roles ranging from designing custom ASICs (3 production chips in 18 months), developing web scale blockchain backends & building consumer-facing mobile apps.


Veerbhan also co-founded Fabbrix, Inc in 2005 which was acquired by PDF Solutions. Fabbrix succeeded in bringing CAD tools for optimizing the manufacturability of complex Integrated Circuits.


Veerbhan is an entrepreneur at heart and always looking for breakthroughs in technology, relationships and parenting.



Doug KirkpatrickDoug Kirkpatrick, General Partner of InnerProduct Partners


Dr. Kirkpatrick is currently a founding General Partner of InnerProduct Partners, a San Francisco based early stage investment firm and technology development management company. In connection with his role as General Partner at InnerProduct Partners, he also serves as CEO of two of the Fund’s portfolio companies, BlackPak and Eridan Communications.


He was a Partner at VantagePoint Capital Partners from 2010-2013, a large multi-stage VC firm, also based in the San Francisco Bay area. Prior to VantagePoint, from 2002–2010, Dr. Kirkpatrick was a Program Manager and Chief Scientist at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).


While at DARPA, he started and managed programs that: developed and deployed the first LED flashlights; conceived and validated approaches to bio-renewable jet fuel for the Department of Defense; developed and demonstrated ultra-high efficiency solar cells; developed and demonstrated full 3d dynamic holographic displays; and developed and demonstrated portable tools for the rapid de-novo synthesis of DNA (up to 10,000 base pairs in length).


In addition to his DARPA work, he was simultaneously the Senior Technologist for Technology Productization for the Department of Defense. Prior to DARPA he was the VP for R&D at Fusion Lighting, a lighting technology startup, and a VP and Division Manager for Science Applications International Corporation, both in the Washington DC area.


Dr. Kirkpatrick holds a BS degree in Physics and Mathematics from the College of William and Mary and a Ph.D. in Physics from MIT. He is a Fellow of the American Physical Society.



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