The Center for Technology Licensing (CTL) is Cornell University's technology transfer office. We manage technology for Cornell's Ithaca campus, Weill Cornell Medicine, Cornell Tech, and Cornell AgriTech in Geneva.

AffyImmune Therapeutics, Inc.

Natick, Massachusetts

AffyImmune is an immuno-oncology company that develops T cell products for cancer therapy. The company was founded based on intellectual property generated from Weill Cornell Medicine that enables imaging of T cells in patients and T cells to specifically target tumors. The company has two products in the pipeline, and are ready to commence clinical trials in 2018.

Airy3D, Inc.

Airy3D, Inc.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Airy3D is a consumer electronic company developing a suite of passive depth recovery technologies to bring 3D machine vision to any camera.

ASP Surgical, Inc.

New York, New York

ASP Surgical is medical device company with a goal to reduce surgical site infection (SSI). The company’s first product is an Advanced Surgical Patch (ASP) — a novel low cost, disposable, non-powered negative pressure wound therapy dressing that is designed to be applied prophylactically to improve healing and reduce SSI rates in patients with small incisional wounds, such as those in laparoscopic surgery. The ASP technology was developed at Cornell in the Minimally Invasive New Technologies (MINT) lab.

Bactana Animal Health

Bactana Corporation

New Canaan, Connecticut

Bactana Animal Health is a global development stage animal health company. Its product development platform (FPS-4) is initially being developed for food animals and has demonstrated increases in yield efficiency, weight gain, and improved gut health through enhancement to an animal’s microbiome.

Cleerly, Inc.

Brooklyn, New York

Cleerly is devoted to generating predictive and diagnostic software products using machine learning on radiological image data. The machine learning strategy licensed from Cornell can make connections and inferences about health that a human brain would miss. Their first round of products will be aimed at assessing heart health and will provide a user friendly platform for doctors and patients to learn about their heart by exploiting the connections made using the machine learning strategy. The technology was developed in the Dalio Institute for Cardiovascular Imaging.

Dynamic Boundaries, Inc.

Ithaca, New York

Dynamic Boundaries is a biotechnology company developing a safe and cost-effective injectable treatment for osteoarthritis that provides lasting protection against further joint damage.

Esper Biosciences, Inc.

Ithaca, New York

Esper Biosciences aims to develop a low-cost, high-speed DNA sequencer, for use in point-of-care medical diagnostics and scientific research.


Fitzroy Salute, LLC

New York, New York

Salute helps organizations manage environmental health and safety (EHS) risk. Their mission is to move EHS from a culture of compliance to a culture of safety. The company provides a cloud-based management platform, expert and supplemental resources, and risk management tools that improve safety and reduce cost. Salute has licensed EHS management technology from Cornell that is the basis of their platform. The technology was developed by the EHS department at Weill Cornell.

GrokStyle, LLC

GrokStyle, Inc.

San Francisco, California

GrokStyle is a Cornell startup founded on home owners’ and consumers’ interest in visualizing ideas for interior design. By using a distance metrics for visual search, GrokStyle aims to provide interior design enthusiasts with an automated tool for design suggestions and ideas.

Noria Therapeutics, Inc.

New York, New York

Noria is a radiotherapy company developing targeted therapeutic and imaging radiopharmaceuticals (alpha-emitting) for use in oncology. The lead oncology therapeutic candidate is PSMA-PK-Rx. This product will be used for the treatment of metastatic castrate resistant prostate cancers (mCRPC). This therapeutic can be ‘paired’ with their PSMA imaging agent PSMA-PK-Dx to create a unique theranostic alternative for men suffering with prostate cancer. The company’s pipeline includes SOMA-PK-Rx and SOMA-PK-Dx another theranostic pairing for the treatment and imaging of neuroendocrine cancers, respectively.

Vernx Biotechnology Pty. Ltd.

verNx Biotechnology Pty, Ltd.

Fairy Meadow, Australia

Vernx Biotechnology is developing a range of nutrition products using branched fatty acids (BCFA) for multiple uses: to improve gastrointestinal health in pre-mature and non-premature infants, as a nutritional supplement for adults, and for eventual therapeutic use.

VitaMe Technologies, Inc.

VitaScan, Inc.

Ithaca, New York

VitaScan has developed a smartphone based diagnostic platform enabling accurate, fast, convenient, and low cost testing of vitamins and micronutrients in the home and at local pharmacies and clinics.


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