The Center for Technology Licensing (CTL) is Cornell University's technology transfer office. We manage technology for Cornell's Ithaca campus, Weill Cornell Medicine, Cornell Tech, and Cornell AgriTech in Geneva.


Boston, MA

ABLS IV, LLC, a subsidiary of Allied-Bristol Life Sciences, LLC (ABLS), is conducting feasibility studies on a class of inhibitors of immunoproteasome for treatment of autoimmune diseases, including lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. The novel and highly selective class of inhibitors under development is targeted at a specific sub-unit of the immunoproteasome playing a critical role in inflammation and autoimmune diseases with the potential to develop safer treatments with better efficacy.

Computational Textiles, Inc.

Little Compton, RI

Computational Textiles, Inc. is a small employee-owned company founded to create textile visualization and manufacturing software. The company’s first product, Weft, is a web application and manufacturing process that enables anyone to transform design ideas into intricately patterned woven cloth.

Dimensional Energy, Inc.

Ithaca, NY

Through effective utilization of light energy, Dimensional Energy’s HI-Light Reactor makes it possible to lower the pressures and temperatures necessary for energy-intensive chemical reactions to occur. This makes it possible to convert molecules such as carbon dioxide into feedstocks for downstream chemical and fuel processes. Dimensional Energy’s creative business model and artificial photosynthesis process aim to actively address the problem of climate change by providing profitable pathways to utilize renewable energy in carbon-intensive industries.

Dryfiber, LLC

Beverly Hills, CA

Dryfiber, LLC is a subsidiary of DryWired that is developing stain resistant coatings for surfaces and textiles using fluorine-free polymer chemistry. The coating process disburses a thin polymeric coating on a surface, imparting a microscopically rough texture that can resist staining from vegetable, olive, and other oils. When applied textiles, there is no noticeable impact on the feel or softness of the fabric.

Farther Farms, Inc.

Ithaca, NY

Farther Farms is a food processing technology company that has developed a new method to preserve fresh-cut fruits and vegetables for months at room temperature, without preservatives or chemicals.

FloraPulse, Co.

Davis, CA

FloraPulse has developed real-time sensors to measure how thirsty a plant is. By knowing how much to irrigate, growers can increase crop yield and product quality, while reducing water use.

Geegah, LLC

Ithaca, NY

Geegah, LLC is making electronic payments more secure by developing advanced and convenient biometric sensors. Based on gigahertz ultrasonics, Geegah offers single chip biometric solutions with an emphasis on fingerprint sensing.

Ukko Agro

Toronto, Ontario

Ukko Agro is building a smart agriculture ecosystem that uses prescriptive disease/pest management models and integrates with external on-farm machinery and equipment via IoT to help farmers optimize crop inputs to achieve higher yields. Ukko Agro ecosystem aims to offer a solution to critical questions about improving yields sustainably and cost-effectively for farmers, meeting sustainability standards for CPGs and in the end benefit consumers.

Versatope Therapeutics, Inc.

Boston, MA

Versatope Therapeutics is using exosomes (extracellular vesicles) derived from genetically engineered probiotics as a technology platform for the targeted delivery of large molecules used in vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostics.


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