The Center for Technology Licensing (CTL) is Cornell University's technology transfer office. We manage technology for Cornell's Ithaca campus, Weill Cornell Medicine, Cornell Tech, and Cornell AgriTech in Geneva.

Akelos, Inc.

New York, NY

Akelos is an innovative research-based biotechnology company founded to address the opioid epidemic through opioid alternatives, with two drug candidates in pre-clinical development. The company’s development efforts are focused on the HCN1 ion channel for primary sensory neurons, which plays a pivotal role in the individual’s experience of pain.

ANSwers Neuroscience, Inc.

New York, New York

ANSwers Neuroscience, Inc. (formerly B2D2, Inc.) is committed to a vision of objective and standardized testing for patients who suffer from post-concussive symptoms, as well as potential solutions for the road to recovery.

Big Blue Biotech, Inc.

Westwood, MA

Big Blue Biotech produces a novel catheter system designed to decrease the risk of contamination of urine specimens with peri-urethral bacteria when obtaining urine specimens from pediatric patients via bladder catheter.

BioSleep, Inc.

Forest Hills, NY

Biosleep uses a proprietary algorithm and cloud-based analytics to conveniently and accurately diagnose sleep apnea.  The economic impact of undiagnosed sleep apnea is roughly $150B per annum. Less than 20% of patients suffering with obstructive sleep apnea have been currently diagnosed.

bloXroute Labs, Inc.

Evanston, IL

bloXroute is a blockchain scalability solution that allows all cryptocurrencies and blockchains to scale to thousands of transactions per second (TPS) on-chain, without any protocol changes. bloXroute solves the scalability bottleneck by addressing the substantial time required for all nodes to synchronize when handling large volumes of TPS. Most importantly, bloXroute does this in a provably neutral way.

Endovor, Inc.

New York, NY

Endovor is developing a temporary lower esophageal sphincter valved diagnostic stent to treat gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).

Exotanium, Inc.

Ithaca, NY

Exotanium creates a new cloud-native application container architecture that is both fast and secure.

Ezra Robotics, Inc.

Ithaca, NY

Guard Medical, Inc.

Paris, France

Guard Medical, LLC is a medical device company developing the Advanced Surgical Patch — a novel low cost, disposable, non-powered negative pressure wound therapy dressing that is designed to be applied prophylactically to improve healing and reduce surgical site infection rates in patients with smaller incisional wounds, such as those in laparoscopic surgery. Surgical site infection is one of the most feared complications of surgery because of its potential to become life threatening and result in longer hospitalization, increased morbidity, increased mortality, and financial and reputational penalties to the surgeon and institution.

Halomine, Inc.

Ithaca, NY

Halomine develops rechargeable antimicrobial technologies for uses in healthcare facilities, food processing plants, etc. The lead product, HaloFilm, is a unique rechargeable antimicrobial liquid spray that creates an antimicrobial film on almost any surface. HaloFilm offers a continuous protection against microbes on surface materials such as on stainless steel, plastics, coat of paint, or rubber.

Neuromedica, Inc.

Johns Island, SC

NeuroMedica is developing a revolutionary endovascular flow diverter and coil-containment device for the minimally invasive treatment of bifurcation aneurysms.

Organic Robotics Corporation

Rochester, NY

Organic Robotics Corporation is building smart fabrics to deliver accurate motion capture and fast pressure sensing.

Reazent, Inc.

Halifax, Nova Scotia

The stricter regulatory norms, especially in North America, and the rising consumer awareness are driving the need for safe, clean, and organic replacement of petroleum-derived products. The team at Reazent is building a global scale company that can offer zero carbon and toxicological footprints, but highly effective, products to replace a wide range of petroleum-based chemicals and materials used in various consumer and industrial products.

Reazent has a team of scientists and industry professionals with deep expertise in the bio-industry in both commercial and technical roles. The first product is an agri-input for growing organic food whose demand has been expanding rapidly all over the world.

Sonder Medicine, Inc.

Dublin, Ireland / Ithaca, NY

Sonder Medicine uses extracellular vesicles from the vitreous humor as a potent vector to efficiently deliver recombinant proteins into the sensory tissue of the eye, the retina. Their proprietary technology can transport various payloads, including therapeutic proteins, nucleic acids and antibodies into the tissues of the human eye.
Aufbau Medical Innovations Ltd., wholly owns Sonder Medicine Inc., doing business as Sonder Research X in the United States.

Trace Imaging Technologies, Inc.

Wilmington, DE

Trace Imaging Technologies uses a cell labeling technique for use in PET and fluorescence imaging for quick, accurate and non-invasive imaging for emergency health complications such as intra-cerebral hemorrhages, brain injuries, intestinal bleeding etc.

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