The Center for Technology Licensing (CTL) is Cornell University's technology transfer office. We manage technology for Cornell's Ithaca campus, Weill Cornell Medicine, Cornell Tech, and Cornell AgriTech in Geneva.

Discontinued Products

Products No Longer on the Market Based on Licensed Cornell Technology





  • MetalMaster, made from aged waste tree barks, is used in the remediation of heavy metal contaminated groundwater or industrial process water. The active ingredients for MetalMaster systems are lignocellulosic, with numerous reactive groups that are highly effective at binding and retaining heavy metal ions. The process of removing heavy metals from solution is achieved by passing heavy metal contaminated water through a vessel containing the MetalMaster product. The binding of the metals to the MetalMaster matrix is so efficient that the mixture has been shown to pass TCLP, the Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure. This indicates that the absorbed metal does not leach away and can often be discarded in a standard landfill as a solid waste, rather than handling and disposal as a hazardous waste.

    Licensee: Terrenew, LLC


  • MightyPlant is a plant food product that uses Harp-N-Tek protein technology to produce an enhanced fertilizer. MightyPlant starts with the highest quality, water-soluble complete fertilizer components available, including a full compliment of the essential micronutrients plants need for a balanced diet. The fertilizer is produced by one of the leading manufacturers of professional grade, water soluble fertilizers used by commercial greenhouse and nursery growers around the world.

    Licensee: Plant Health Care, Inc.



Biomedical Sciences


  • EggZyter offers a simple and easy means of cell activation and fusion. EggZyter includes an electro-generator connective harness, non conductive collet, insulator, and tips in two different sizes. Electrofusion and electroporation of cells require alignment of cells, followed by the application of an electrical current. Currently used procedures depend on two different devices to accomplish these tasks. This tool has the dual capacity to manually align cells and deliver direct current to cells.

    Licensee: Origio MidAtlantic Devices



Physical Sciences


  • The MediSonic™ system features a controlled vacuum ultrasonic spray deposition process, providing continuous films on implantable medical devices. Coating of these devices is intrinsically difficult because of their delicate structures and intricate design. The unique MediSonic™ design applies thin films that can range in thickness from angstroms to many microns. The process can be used to coat three-dimensional or two-dimensional devices with varying thickness and morphology. It is ideally suited for applying continuous, uninterrupted smooth finishes onto medical devices such as stents, pacemakers and other implantables, with no webbing, pin holes or voids.

    Licensee: Sono-Tek Corporation


  • Speedster® Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) are the world’s fastest programmable logic devices. Speedster® is fully reprogrammable, yet still capable of operating at up to 1.5 GHz system performance, which represents a three-fold increase in performance over existing FPGAs. Speedster® is suitable for a wide range of telecommunications, networking, video, digital signal processing, high-performance computing, imaging, industrial and military applications.

    Licensee: Achronix Semiconductor Corporation

ThinSonic™ Pulsed CVD Systems

  • The ThinSonic™ Pulsed CVD System relies on the introduction of a small amount of precursor liquid into an ultrasonic atomizing spray nozzle. The nozzle produces a soft, unpressurized spray of small drops as a short pulse into the top of an evacuated quartz chamber.

    The system has proven successful in a variety of Metallic Organic CVD applications, as well as, in CVD applications using polymers. ThinSonic™ CVD applications include electronic coatings on semiconductor wafers, solar cells, fuel cells, and sensors, hardness coatings for wear resistance, and biological coatings for heart valves, hip and knee joints, and dental implants.

    Licensee: Sono-Tek Corporation