Current Job Openings at CTL

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Business Development & Licensing Associate – Physical Sciences and Engineering

CTL is seeking a Business Development & Licensing Associate (BDLA) to join the Physical Sciences Business Development and Licensing team at Cornell’s main campus in Ithaca, NY.

The BDLA will report to the Associate Director for Technology Licensing in Physical Sciences (AD) and work under the supervision, direction, and oversight of the AD. BDLA will also support the functions of Business Development and Licensing Officers (BDLO).

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CTL Internship Opportunities

CTL Student Summer Support with Implementing Workflow Management Tool

CTL is implementing a process workflow management tool, a low-code SaaS platform called Airtable, for many workload process flow and management. The student will assist in adapting Airtable to enable tracking and sorting of relevant information by desired field(s), to highlight outstanding deadlines, to generate reports, and to enable access to those having appropriate permission.

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Ignite Fellow for New Ventures Opportunities

We are looking for candidates who dream big and take risks, want to become a CEO, CSO, or CTO founder, and want to take their entrepreneurial skills to the next level. The Ignite Fellow for New Ventures pre-phase allows any candidates with Ph.D. and master’s degrees to select an eligible Cornell technology from our database and connect with the Cornell inventor, if selected, to partner on a technology venture before applying to the open application cycle.

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Find current open opportunities here.

Ignite Intern for Startups Opportunities

Market Research Intern at REEgen

Cornell-licensed startup REEgen Tech is hiring a market reasearch intern, who will work closely with our CEO and team to support customer discovery and market analysis that will help inform our business strategies. The ideal candidate will have excellent communication, research, and analytical skills, as well as the ability to think creatively and work collaboratively.

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More information and application here.

Molecular Biology Intern

Cornell-licensed startup Esper Biosciences is hiring a Molecular Biology Intern to help the team with molecular biology assays, specifically molecularly labeling DNA and preparing DNA for sequencing.

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More information and application here.

Current Job Openings at Cornell-licensed Startups

Ava Labs

Cornell-licensed startup Ava Labs has several positions available in Business Operations, Engineering, Finance, Legal, Marketing, and Product.


Cornell-licensed startup Embark has several positions available in Engineering, Finance, Marketing, Operations, Product, Science, and Veterinary.


Cornell-licensed  startup Halomine has a Senior Scientist -Antimicrobial Materials and Chemistry opening (Ithaca, NY).


Cornell-licensed startup REEgen, located at Praxis incubator, is looking for a full-time lab technician to join the team in developing a clean, biological system for the recovery and production of rare earth elements. The ideal candidate will have a Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent educational experience in a biology or chemistry-related discipline and at least one year of experience working in a research lab setting with microbes.

If you are a Cornell startup and would like to advertise your current openings, you can contact Veronica Talavera, digital media & marketing manager at CTL.