Explore the breadth and depth of Cornell technologies

Cornell University values collaboration with corporate partners and offers a broad range of research innovations at the forefront of the latest challenges, from climate change, to vaccine development, and beyond. Use the search field below to browse technologies available for partnering.

Current Featured Technologies

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Licensing Cornell Technologies

Over the years, Cornell technologies have been licensed to industry partners worldwide to support Cornell’s land-grant mission and develop these technologies and plant varieties into products and services for the public good.

Are you an entrepreneur seeking to license a Cornell technology? Learn about our ‘ready to be executed’ license program in a number of areas.

Express Licensing

CTL offers non-exclusive licenses related to the following tangible materials, plants, and software, each using a standard ready-to-sign agreement. If you have questions, please contact the BD and Licensing Officer listed with each material or technology.

Cornell Products

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Cornell Startups

To date, over 230+ startup companies have been formed based on Cornell university research. Over the years, some startups have grown to become leaders in their industry, while large corporations have acquired others. Collaboration with industry leaders was key to their development. Industry partners can learn more about these startups.

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