Our Technology Commercialization Process

The path toward commercialization of innovation in the marketplace involves multiple steps. CTL engages with the researchers throughout the entire process, starting as early as the ideation

Submit Your Disclosure

Disclosing your idea or discovery (preferably prior to any public presentation) is the initial step to engaging with CTL and starting the technology commercialization process. Fill out the relevant disclosure form:

Inventor Portal

The inventor portal offers the ability for inventors to see:

— Disclosures
— Patent Filing history and status
— IP related Agreements

Inventors also have the ability to export reports on all three categories.

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Material Transfer

Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs) are legally-binding contracts between institutions that protect the rights of the owners of the material and the moral rights of the scientists whose work created the materials. These agreements also protect the privacy of people from whom human-derived material was originally collected.

Incoming MTAs

MTAs for material coming into Cornell are handled by the office of Sponsored Programs at Ithaca and the Office of Sponsored Research Agreement at WCM in NYC.

Outgoing MTAs

CTL manages MTAs for materials being sent out from Cornell. To initiate an MTA to send material out from your lab, please fill out the MTA Request Form and send it to mta-ctl@cornell.edu.

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Cornell Policies

Cornell has established policies and guidelines regarding innovations. Please click below to learn more about these policies.

Bearers of Innovation: A One Cornell Celebration

This exclusive event honors innovators across Cornell campuses whose technologies were licensed or optioned, as well as the lead inventors who submitted their inaugural disclosures within a determined period of time.

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Ignite Innovation Acceleration

Ignite Innovation Acceleration is one of the Ignite four signature programs. Funding is provided in the form of grants to labs to advance inventions toward licensing, startup formation, or industry partnerships. The program is open for inventions disclosed to CTL from Ithaca, Geneva, or Cornell Tech campuses during two application cycles per year in the spring or fall semester.

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