Carbon to Stone, Inc

Carbon mineralization is a natural process. Carbon to Stone perfected a reactive crystallization process​ that matches the scale and speed of climate crisis demands.​

EIR Biopharma, Inc.

EIR Biopharma, Inc. is an early-stage privately held biotech company developing therapeutics for the treatment of eye disease.


INLAN is leveraging the most recent advancements in RFID technology to provide item-level monitoring and tracking solutions for manufacturing, supply chain, and retail. INLAN is committed to bringing RFID tags as an affordable, scalable, and extremely precise solution for indoor tracking and automatic navigation systems.

DASH Materials, Inc.

DASH Materials, Inc. develops point-of-care DNA/RNA detection kits for infectious diseases, from healthcare to agriculture. The platform aims to realize the sensitivity and specificity of nucleic acid testing like PCR with the ease, speed, and portability of qualitative antigen tests.

UbiquiTx, Inc.

UbiquiTx, a spin-out from Cornell University and MIT, is focused on leveraging machine learning and protein engineering to develop programmable protein-modulating therapies. The company’s computational platform allows the designing of motif, mutant and PTM-specific peptides to pathogenic proteins from sequence alone based on known interactions found in nature.

ProVis Medical

Check back for additional information once the company emerges from stealth mode.

EzraBio, Inc.

EzraBio is a company providing researchers with the ability to perform ribosome profiling from a wide range of biological samples with ease. By looking into global translation with superior resolution, it is now possible to uncover hidden coding potential, dissect translational response, identify tumor-associated antigens, and guide mRNA therapeutics.

Mission-Driven Tech

Mission-Driven Tech is a women’s health venture dedicated to the transformation of gynecologic cancer care with modern technology.

Abstractive Health

Abstractive Health helps doctors read and write clinical notes faster with an automated summary. We condense hundreds of pages of clinical notes into a few key sentences using NLP.

Tethered Enzyme Technologies, Inc.

Tethered Enzyme Technologies, Inc. is a clinical-stage platform nanomedicine company focused on enabling actionable insights for high-consequence disease decision-making.