Aufbau Medical Innovations Ltd.

Aufbau Medical Innovations is an Irish Operating Company that develops novel therapeutics and diagnostics for ophthalmic diseases.

Inso Biosciences

Inso Biosciences is developing a cell sample preparation platform designed to perform cellular sample processing. The company’s platform separates and isolates cellular components, enabling users to perform long-read DNA sequencing and multi-omic analysis.

One Three BioTech

OneThree Biotech is a VC backed startup developing a biology-driven Artificial Intelligence Technology Platform to accelerate drug discovery and development. The company’s platform enables the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry to quickly and accurately generate new testable insights and hypotheses by combing the world of systems and disease biology with computational tools to discover new treatments for patients in need. The platform helps identify novel targets, compounds and new drug combinations, as well as optimizes compounds for toxicity or efficacy.

C2i Genomics

C2i Genomics helps doctors and patients fight cancer by providing doctors and patients with tumor burden information, starting with only a blood sample.  Its service, called C2, uses software that performs pattern recognition on data from whole-genome sequencing of the blood sample.  Physicians can use the service to monitor their patient’s response to treatment and detect treatment failure or disease recurrence well before they would do otherwise.  Physicians can also use the service to measure treatment response in clinical trials.

Volastra Therapeutics, Inc.

Volastra Therapeutics is a biotechnology company developing novel therapies for the treatment of metastatic cancers.  The company focuses on developing therapies for metastatic cancers by targeting key pathways related to chromosomal instability, a hallmark of cancer metastasis. The majority of oncology therapeutics target alterations widely found in primary tumors while metastasis is responsible for approximately 90% of cancer deaths. Volastra hopes to change the treatment paradigm for patients by developing novel therapeutics specifically tailored to advanced disease.

Uni Creative, Inc.

Uni actualizes inclusion by radically transforming how companies make smart decisions.

From figuring out quarterly objectives to planning weekly sprints, or just figuring out how to deal with a pesky bug, Uni let’s mannagers ask their teams impactful questions, stay true to their timelines, and have a set of ideas for when it is time to decide what to do.


Guard Medical

Guard Medical, a privately-held company, is developing easy-to-use and cost-effective solutions that enable prophylactic Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) wound care of closed surgical incisions. Guard Medical’s simple NPWT technology originated with New York – Presbyterian and Weill Cornell Medicine in response to physicians’ identification of unmet needs related to Surgical Site Infections (SSI). Its investors include Bpifrance and Matignon Investissement et Gestion. Guard Medical’s vision is to develop NPWT solutions for use on a wide range of surgical wound types and sizes with broad applications for infection prevention, scar mitigation and enhanced cosmesis.


Swiftscale Biologics, Inc.

Swiftscale Biologics provides fast production services for biologics. At any scale from micrograms to grams, Swiftscale can produce proteins. Swiftscale can produce antibodies, enzymes, receptors, and other complex protein forms. Swiftscale was co-founded by Matthew DeLisa, a professor at Cornell, and Michael Jewett, a professor at Northwestern. In 2019, Swiftscale Biologics had a post valuation of $12.50M.



Akelos, Inc.

Akelos Inc. is a biopharmaceutical clinical company developing novel non-opioid, anti-hyperalgesic drugs for the treatment of neuropathic pain. Their compounds are intended to selectively and potently inhibit HCN1 channel activity to limit pain.

Big Blue Biotech

Big Blue Biotech produces a novel catheter system designed to decrease the risk of contamination of urine specimens with peri-urethral bacteria when obtaining urine specimens from pediatric patients via bladder catheter.