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In June 2021, the IGNITE: Research Acceleration funding program has selected five projects for funding to help de-risk the technologies and accelerate their commercialization to reach the inflection point for potential industry partners or investors.

The recipients of this cycle of IGNITE:Research Acceleration funds are:

  • Dr. Alireza Abbaspourrad (College of Agriculture and Life Science) for his “Acoustofluidic Platform for Oocyte Preparation for Assisted Reproductive Technology” technology.
  • Professor Nicholas Abbott (College of Engineering) for his “Multistable Light Sheets” technology.
  • Professor Christopher Alabi (College of Engineering) for his “Antibody-Bactericide Conjugates against Pseudomonas Bacteremia” technology.
  • Professor Lynden Archer (College of Engineering) for his “Low-cost, long-life rechargeable Zn batteries” technology.
  • Professor Huiju Park (College of Human Ecology) for his “Gait-Monitoring Fiber Optic Shoe Insole” technology.

IGNITE: Research Acceleration is now Ignite Innovation Acceleration.

Learn more about the program at