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Ignite Innovation Acceleration

Cornell’s Center for Technology Licensing (CTL) has announced the Ignite Innovation Acceleration grant recipients for the Fall 2023 application cycle.

The eight projects range from advanced healthcare solutions and sustainable engineering to agriculture products and digital hiring solutions. Recipients were selected based on their potential to reach a critical inflection point towards commercialization and to positively impact society.

Each of the selected projects has received a grant of up to $50,000. CTL’s Ignite Innovation Acceleration program is designed to de-risk lab projects during a 12-month period with the goal of helping project teams generate interest in licensing and form startups or industry partnerships.

“The Ignite Innovation Acceleration program represents an initial step in de-risking early-stage translational research conducted at Cornell,” said Lynda Inséqué, director of technology and venture initiatives and engagement. “We are thrilled to have recipients spanning four colleges in this cycle. At CTL, we aim to expand our efforts to include a wider range of participation, encouraging researchers with discoveries across the Ithaca, Cornell Tech and Cornell AgriTech campuses who are engaging with our office for the first time. We continue to support innovators with the goal of cultivating and growing Cornell’s thriving innovation ecosystem.”

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