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Cornell has partnered with fifteen leading research universities, including —Brown, Caltech, Columbia, Harvard, the University of Illinois, Michigan, Northwestern, Penn, Princeton, SUNY Binghamton, UC Berkeley, UCLA, the University of Southern California, and Yale—to launch the University Technology Licensing Program (UTLP).


UTLP delivers selected intellectual property assets from universities’ patent portfolios related to the physical sciences for efficient licensing, allowing interested tech companies to acquire licenses to multiple universities’ inventions for their current and future product offerings.


In pooling the patents, UTLP will streamline the dissemination of these universities’ technologies, paving the way for continued innovation in the marketplace. By implementing a one-stop-shop for companies to access technologies of interest, UTLP accelerates innovation in the industrial arena.


Read the Press Release and visit the UTLP website.


For more information regarding Cornell and the UTLP, please contact Martin Teschl, Associate Director, Licensing & Business Development – Physical Sciences at Center for Technology Licensing at Cornell University.