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Current Ignite Fellow for New Ventures (formerly Postdoc for Ventures) participants came together on a 6-session workshop designed to help them get a clear overview of their potential market domains and make confident decisions on where to play next. The workshops offered a structured approach for identifying, evaluating, and strategizing market opportunities. The fellows gained important insights with a hands-on approach through teaching and break-out sessions. They got acquainted with tools that will accompany them over time as they learn and make critical strategic decisions for their new business.

The workshop was imparted by Sharon Itzkovitch from Where to Play, a company helping entrepreneurs and business managers identify, evaluate and prioritize market opportunities for their businesses to increase their chances of success and create significant new value.

“Sharon’s Where to Play workshop is part of the training sessions that kick off the 2022 Spring Cycle of Ignite Fellow for New Ventures educational programming to aspiring entrepreneurs, which include a series of lectures and workshops,” said Lynda Inséqué, assistant director, Technology Initiatives & Outreach at CTL.

Ignite Fellows Brandon Regensburger, Anthony D’Amato, David Buchholz, Juneho Hwang, and Hassnain Asgar, share their takeaways from the Where to Play workshop.

The Ignite Fellow for New Ventures program aims to build new solid businesses, grow entrepreneur scientists and engineers, advance technology commercialization, and enrich Cornell’s venture ecosystem by creating high-value startup companies based on the partnerships of an Ignite candidate and faculty inventor.

We are looking for candidates who dream big and take risks, want to become a CEO, CSO, or CTO founder, and want to take their entrepreneurial skills to the next level. To learn more about the program and how to apply to the 2023 cycle, join one of our information sessions here. Applications open on December 12, 2022, through February 28, 2023.

CTL Ignite Contact
Lynda Inséqué
Assistant Director, Technology Initiatives & Outreach

Aaron Delahanty
Venture Fellow

Media Contact
Veronica Buezo Talavera
Manager, Digital Media & Marketing

* The Ignite Postdoc for Ventures program has been recently renamed to Ignite Fellow for New Ventures