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9958 - SkinLink: On-body Reconfigurable Epidermal Interfaces

Toolkit to facilitate biometric sensing

Published: 2024-05-21

10942 - Anode-free lithium battery with polymer-particle gradient electrolyte

The invented hybrid solid-state electrolyte uses Li2O particles in polymerizable solvent to enable high-reversible and long-duration lithium (Li) batteries, especially in anode-free configuration for higher energy density and enhanced safety.

Published: 2024-05-21

10650 - KnitDema: A Robotic Textile for Personalized Therapeutic Massages

Robotic textile system designed to perform customizable therapeutic massage on extremities to increase fluid flow and aid with a variety of ailments

Published: 2024-05-16

10933 - Integrin Inhibitor to Promote Tendon Injury Repair

A method to treat mild and moderate tendon injuries

Published: 2024-03-28

10055 - Glucose-responsive Insulin Delivery Devices

A material whose permeability responds to the local glucose concentration, allowing for the controlled delivery of insulin

Published: 2024-03-22

10551 - Cell-free RNA Signatures for Tuberculosis

Cell-free RNA from patient plasma to diagnose and monitor tuberculosis

Published: 2024-03-18

10545 - Bioreversible Anionic Bioconjugation for Intracellular Protein Delivery

Reversable Protein Bioconjugation for LNP mediated Cellular Delivery

Published: 2024-02-14

10454 - Extremely Fast-charge Anode for Lithium Rechargeable Batteries

High stability, reversibility, and long cycle life 1500-2000+ cycles

Published: 2024-02-14

9736 - Light Shutter Bistable Liquid Crystal Emulsion Devices (LS-BLCEDs)

LS-BLCEDs for smart windows applications

Published: 2024-02-07

10518 - Nanomolding Method for Making Single-Crystal Interconnects

Nanomolding method for Making Single-Crystal Interconnects

Published: 2023-12-20

10339 - Solvent-Free Production of Non-Migratory Packaging

Non-migratory and intelligent (spoilage-indicating) active packaging

Published: 2023-12-18

10618 - Compute-in on-chip block RAM (BRAM) Architecture for AI-Optimized Edge Computing

Compute-in on-chip block RAM (BRAM) Architecture for AI-Optimized Edge Computing

Published: 2023-11-30

10435 - Encapsulated Microalgae for Iron-Fortified Wheat Flour

Composition and method for encapsulating microalgae for iron fortification in wheat flour

Published: 2023-11-17