Hierarchical Decomposition Toolkit for Matlab

This is a set of matlab functions and scripts that carries out the “Hierarchical Decomposition” algorithm, as described in “Repucci, M.A., Schiff, N.D., and Victor, J.D. (2001) General strategy for hierarchical decomposition of multivariate time series: implications for temporal lobe seizures. Annals of Biomedical Engineering 29, 1135-1149.” Installation and use are described by the enclosed readme.txt and HD.m. A sample data file is supplied.

Hardware and Software requirements are:

  • Runs under standard Matlab installations, version 7 or later
    (no platform/OS requirements)
  • Installation package is 28K
    Expanded file size is approximately 100K
    (approximately 20K without the sample data file)
  • Technical Contact: Professor Jonathan Victor

This software may be used for non-commercial purposes at no cost. If you would like to license this software for commercial use, please contact ctl-connect@cornell.edu.

For non-commercial use, please fill out the form below to download the software: