Accelerating the Growth of Cornell Startups

CTL works with research innovators, entrepreneurs, and investors to help spin out startups based on Cornell University research. The Business Development and Licensing teams work as a catalyst to facilitate the formation of new technology startup companies and link them to the Cornell ecosystem. After the startup formation, companies can benefit from the Cornell ecosystem, the gap funding programs, and external opportunities to advance the growth of the new venture and their products.

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The Startup Guide

As a resource for Cornell faculty, research staff, graduate, and fellow postdoctoral entrepreneurs, The Startup Guide has been written to help clarify the roadmap for launching new ventures, making the licensing process more transparent, and linking potential entrepreneurs to startup resources within the ecosystem at Cornell and beyond.

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The FastTrack Startup license is a ‘ready to be executed’ agreement with favorable, balanced, and fixed terms. It is an experimental approach to licensing Cornell technologies to startups, designed to enhance our pro-startup ecosystem at Cornell and increase the transparency and speed of the licensing process.

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Ignite Startup Projects

One of the Ignite signature programs, this funding intends to help achieve proof of concepts and increase opportunities of raising critical financing for startups at a very early stage.

Incubators, Accelerators, and Training Programs

Cornell has a comprehensive and supportive entrepreneurial ecosystem that supports ’startups’ soft landing and growth.

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CTL provides a directory of resources available to entrepreneurs (organizations, programs, etc.) that can be helpful during their entrepreneurial journey.

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Ignite Fellow for New Ventures

Ignite Fellow for New Ventures is one of the four Ignite signature programs.  Launched in 2022, Ignite Fellow for New Ventures program funds and trains fellows with entrepreneurial outlooks to start technology ventures.

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