Cornell Startups Acquired by Other Companies

Agricultural Modeling and Training Systems, LLC

Agricultural Modeling and Training Systems, LLC, produces software that makes dairy and meat production more efficient and reduces potential negative environmental impacts.

Location: Cortland, NY

Foundation Cornell Technology Licensed: 2005


Agronomic Technology Corp.

Agronomic Technology Corp is transforming agriculture through cloud technology, proven science and data. Agronomic Technnology Corp is integrating with industry-leading solutions, universities, researchers and software companies to provide new ways for growers to profitably meet increasing demands. Acquired by Yara International in 2017.

Location: New York, NY

Foundation Cornell Technology Licensed: 2013


Annapurna Therapeutics Limited

Annapurna Therapeutics is a gene therapy company focused on discovering and developing new therapeutic products for people living with severe diseases. Annapurna’s product pipeline includes programs for alpha-1 antitrypsin (A1AT) deficiency, hereditary angioedema (HAE), the cardiomyopathy associated with Friedreich’s ataxia and severe allergy. Annapurna Therapeutics was acquired by Avalanche Biotechnologies, Inc. in 2016.

Location: Philadelphia, PA and Paris, France

Foundation Cornell Technology Licensed: 2015


GeneWeave Biosciences, Inc.

GeneWeave Biosciences, Inc., is a medical diagnostics company focused on infectious diseases. GeneWeave was acquired by Roche Holding AG in 2015.

Location: San Jose, CA

Foundation Cornell Technology Licensed: 2009


GenVec, Inc.

GenVec, Inc., is a biopharmaceutical company developing therapeutic drugs for cancer and vaccines for infectious diseases including HIV, malaria, foot-and-mouth disease, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), HSV-2, and influenza.  GenVec was acquired by Intrexon on June 16, 2017.

Location: Gaithersburg, MD

Foundation Cornell Technology Licensed: 1993


GrokStyle, Inc.

GrokStyle is a Cornell startup founded on home owners’ and consumers’ interest in visualizing ideas for interior design. By using a distance metrics for visual search, GrokStyle aims to provide interior design enthusiasts with an automated tool for design suggestions and ideas. GrokStyle was acquired by Facebook, Inc. in 2019.

Location: Ithaca, NY

Foundation Cornell Technology Licensed: 2016


IntElect Medical, Inc.

IntElect Medical, Inc., develops and commercializes neurostimulation systems for improving the recovery of brain injury patients. Intelect Medical was acquired by Boston Scientific Neuromodulation Corporation in 2011. IntElect Medical, Inc., was acquired by the Boston Scientific Corporation in 2011.

Location: Valencia, CA

Foundation Cornell Technology Licensed: 2006


Medeor, Inc.

Medeor, Inc., develops d-methadone, a novel nonopioid analgesic. Medeor was acquired by Relmada Therapeutics, Inc. in 2013.

Location: New York, NY

Foundation Cornell Technology Licensed: 2001



Micro Technologies

Micro Technologies is a leading provider of advanced, comprehensive and integrated animal management systems and solutions for beef and dairy producers. Formerly known as Micro Beef Technologies, Micro Technologies was acquired by AmerisourceBergen in 2015.

Location: Amarillo, TX

Foundation Cornell Technology Licensed: 1993


Nirenberg Neuroscience, LLC

Nirenberg Neuroscience develops non-prosthetic applications of virtual retina technology.

Location: New York, NY

Foundation Cornell Technology Licensed: 2014


Noria Therapeutics, Inc.

Noria is a radiotherapy company developing targeted therapeutic and imaging radiopharmaceuticals (alpha-emitting) for use in oncology. The lead oncology therapeutic candidate is PSMA-PK-Rx. This product will be used for the treatment of metastatic castrate resistant prostate cancers (mCRPC). This therapeutic can be ‘paired’ with their PSMA imaging agent PSMA-PK-Dx to create a unique theranostic alternative for men suffering with prostate cancer. The company’s pipeline includes SOMA-PK-Rx and SOMA-PK-Dx another theranostic pairing for the treatment and imaging of neuroendocrine cancers, respectively.Location: New York, NYFoundation Cornell Technology Licensed: 2017 

Novomer, Inc.

Novomer, Inc., is a sustainable chemistry company pioneering a family of high-performance, environmentally responsible polymers and chemical intermediates.

Location: Boston, MA

Foundation Cornell Technology Licensed: 2006

OptiGen, LLC

OptiGen, LLC, provides DNA-based diagnoses and information about inherited diseases of dogs. OptiGen was acquired by Mars Petcare in 2018.

Location: Ithaca, NY

Foundation Cornell Technology Licensed: 1998



Phytex, LLC

Phytex, LLC, produces phytase enzymes for an animal feed product called OptiPhos. This product enables poultry and pigs to absorb more phosphorus from their feed grain, creating substantially less phosphorus in their waste. Phytex was acquired by Huvepharma in 2013.

Location: Portland, ME

Foundation Cornell Technology Licensed: 2000


Prendismo, LLC

Prendismo, LLC, is home to the world’s premiere collection of digital video content on business, leadership, and entrepreneurship. Prendismo arose from the eClips project at Cornell University and the Cornell Center for Technology Enterprise (CCTEC).

Location: Ithaca, NY

Foundation Cornell Technology Licensed: 2008

RF Nitro Communications, Inc.

RF Nitro Communications, Inc., provides advanced materials and products for use in broadband wireless and fiber optics. RF Nitro Communications, Inc., was acquired by RF Micro Devices, Inc. (now Qorvo), in 2001.

Location: Greensboro, NC

Foundation Cornell Technology Licensed: 2000


SightSpeed, Inc.

SightSpeed, Inc., provides high quality, feature rich, and easy-to-use Internet video communications services for both businesses and consumers. SightSpeed, Inc., was acquired by Logitech, Inc., in October 2008.

Location: Berkeley, CA

Foundation Cornell Technology Licensed: 2003


Swiftscale Biologics, Inc.

Swiftscale Biologics provides fast production services for biologics. At any scale from micrograms to grams, Swiftscale can produce proteins. Swiftscale can produce antibodies, enzymes, receptors, and other complex protein forms. Swiftscale was co-founded by Matthew DeLisa, a professor at Cornell, and Michael Jewett, a professor at Northwestern. In 2019, Swiftscale Biologics had a post valuation of $12.50M.

Location: San Francisco, CA

Foundation Cornell Technology Licensed: 2019


TaggPic, Inc.

TaggPic transforms static 2D photos into auto-tagged, geo-positioned, and intelligently connected platforms. TaggPic’s crowd-fueled computer vision technology instantly recognizes landmarks, buildings, and other objects in images without the need for GPS data or manual tagging. TaggPic was acquired by Google in 2014.

Location: Ithaca, NY

Foundation Cornell Technology Licensed: 2013