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Department: Plant Breeding & Genetics

Cucumber ‘Green Finger’

‘Green Finger’ is a slicing cucumber with fruit that average 8-10 inches with a thin skin, exceptional flavor, and a small seed cavity. It has more durability than most varieties of this type and stores just as well as American slicers without needing to be wrapped.

Cucumber ‘Marketmore 97’

‘Marketmore 97’ is a bitter-free slicing cucumber. ‘Marketmore 97’ is a northern cultivar that can be 9-11 inches straight.

Potato ‘Marcy’

Potato ‘Marcy’ has an attractive, round to oval shape, shallow eyes, and scab resistance suitable for tablestock, but the textured skin and good chipping make it an excellent choice for a chipping variety. ‘Marcy’ has large vines with white flowers. ‘Marcy’ has outstanding yield of large tubers. It is generally free of pickouts due to external defects and has a small percentage of internal defects.

Potato ‘Pike’

‘Pike’ is a white skin, white flesh potato. It has mid-sized tubers and makes a good chipping potato.

Potato ‘Red Maria’

‘Red Maria’ is a red skinned potato with white flesh. It is good for both fries and mashed potatoes. It has high yields of large round tubers with shallow eyes
and textured skin.