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Inventor: Bruce Reisch

Chardonel Grape

Chardonel makes an inexpensive, crisp, dry wine with undertones of cream and butter, and a slightly floral, fruity nose. Chardonel wine is a wonderful accompaniment to lighter fare such as sea bass, sole, salmon, scallops and delicate game fowl. It also goes well as an aperitif with creamy French and Italian cheeses.

Grape ‘Marquis’

‘Marquis’ is a vigorous, white seedless grape from the Geneva Breeding Program. Named in 1996, this high flavor grape produces 3-5 gram spherical berries on large shouldered clusters. ‘Marquis’ is an excellent table grape and also produces pleasant and delicate white wine.

Grape ‘Noiret’

‘Noiret’ vines are vigorous and productive in the Finger Lakes region of New York. The leaves show moderate resistance to powdery mildew. Fruit maturity is mid-season, approximately October 1 in Geneva, New York. ‘Noiret’ represents a distinct improvement in the red wine varietal options available to cold climate grape growers.

Grape ‘Valvin Muscat’

‘Valvin Muscat’ is recommended for the production of high quality Muscat wines, and is useful as a varietal wine and for blending to add flavor and aroma to table wines. It provides consistently high quality, semi-dry wine with spicy, floral Muscat aromas and no bitterness.