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Inventor: Courtney Weber

Strawberry ‘Clancy’

Released by the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station, ‘Clancy’ plants are vigorous and fruit late, similar season to Cabot or Eros. ‘Clancy’ holds its berries high off the ground, making them less susceptible to fungal diseases that usually attack late-season crops. The berries are round and conical in shape with dark red color and have good flavor.

Strawberry ‘L’Amour’

‘L’Amour’ is an exceptional June bearing strawberry. It bears in early mid-season, and yields glossy red berries with remarkable flavor and attractiveness. ‘L’Amour’s’ round conical fruit is firm, but not hard, with a fancy calyx and excellent eating quality. It is characterized by strong vigor, large flowers, and uniformity in shape between primary and secondary fruit.