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Inventor: Susan Brown

Cherry ‘Hartland’

‘Hartland’ is a sweet cherry ideal for the processed and fresh markets and uniquely suited as a pollenizer in commercial orchards. ‘Hartland’ is genetically compatible with most commercial varieties and has good resistance to bacterial canker. This fruit is deep red-purple, of medium size, with consistently heavy crops.

Cherry ‘Royalton’

‘Royalton’ is a dark purple-red cherry. It has excellent flavor and is crack-resistant (even after heavy spring rains). ‘Royalton’ is a standout at cherry blossom time and when the fruit ripens in mid-June. ‘Royalton’ can be used as a pollinator for other sweet cherries.

Cherry ‘Somerset’

‘Somerset’ is a sweet black cherry with exceptional crispness. As a result of ‘Somerset’s’ remarkable firmness, it has a much longer shelf-life for fresh sales than most other sweet cherries. ‘Somerset’ ripens its medium-large fruit in late mid-season. ‘Somerset’ is a heart shaped cherry with a medium to short stalk. Trees have moderate vigor, so less pruning and training time is required.

Cherry ‘Surefire’

‘Surefire’ is a tart cherry with firm bright red skin, flesh, and juice that make it excellent for processing. It has late white flower blossoms, so frost danger is low and it is crack resistant. USDA cold hardiness zones 4-8.