Light Lace™

Through light, Light Lace™ measures muscle fatigue, respiration and motion. All at the speed of light.

Messenger®; and Employ®

Product series for foliar spray that reduces transplant shock, enhances crop growth quality and yield, increases plant stamina and vigor and suppresses nematode egg production. They are used on vegetables, flowers, turf, trees, and landscape plants.

NDS Professional

NDS Professional is a computer platform designed to support field nutritionists, helping them with nutrition management and “on-site” decision making. Developed in an object-oriented design and based on the most advanced new generation of .NET technology, NDS Professional is characterized by an easy to use interface.

Lavender Foal Syndrome Test

Testing is easy and highly accurate, and can be performed at any point in time in the life of the animal with pulled hair, whole blood, in EDTA or bristle style cheek swaps. All breeding animals should be tested to avoid major losses and heartache for owners and to prevent morbidity in the animals.


ISCAlure-Tuta is a pheromone-based lure product for South American tomato leafminer, Tuta absoluta, that attracts and traps the insect. The lure is loaded into a lure dispenser to protect the pheromone compounds from the elements and modulate the release of the pheromone with a release rate mimicking that of the leafminer.


The IDEXX BVDV PI X2 Test is the only USDA-licensed test for detecting persistently infected (PI) calves. The kit offers superior sensitivity, speed, and simplicity compared to other test methods. It comes with easy to use, highly stable reagents resistant to temperature fluctuations.


A first-ever filter that brings PFAS protection to your countertop.


Haikubox listens for birdsong and uses a proprietary neural network to identify and report bird species.


MicroTools™ are designed for use with protein crystals, single cells, and other small samples from a few micrometers to a millimeter in size.