Fundamentals of Academic Business Development

Dr. Lisa Placanica, Dr. Jamie Brisbois, Dr. Randi Silver (Facilitators)

The Fundamentals of Academic Business Development course and training program is organized and sponsored by the Weill Cornell Medicine Center for Technology Licensing, part of Weill Cornell Medicine Enterprise Innovation. Through the course, participants will gain hands-on experience in academic technology transfer and business development, divided into three modules: (i) Intellectual Property Protection, (ii) Technology Evaluation, and (iii) Partnering Academic Technologies. In each module, participants will apply the teachings to actual Weill Cornell Medicine inventions, helping cultivate the next generation of innovative life science technologies. In Module I, participants will learn about academic intellectual property (IP) strategy and management and will prepare draft claim sets and perform a prior art search to inform institutional IP strategy. In Module II, participants will learn about the intake process for academic invention disclosures and will perform preliminary market research assessments of recent invention disclosures to inform institutional investment decisions. In Module III, participants will learn how to market academic technologies and will prepare a complete marketing package for an academic technology. The course will culminate with pitch deck presentations and a mock negotiation exercise to provide insight into the deal-making process.

Please contact Jamie Brisbois for Syllabus and Prerequisites.