Ignite Outreach Events & Initiatives

Ignite: Cornell Research Lab to Market gap funding series is a program that aims to support the advancement of Cornell innovations and to de-risk the development of technologies toward commercialization. CTL offers various outreach activities to inform prospective applicants about the existing program with information sessions throughout the year and to engage the Ignite recipients and the innovation community about the impact of the translational research supported by the program.

Ignite encourages and supports the advancement of technologies, facilitates the creation of companies based on Cornell technology, and helps in the growth of startups.

One of our newest and most engaging initiatives is the Ignite Showcase, an annual in-person event launched to celebrate the advancement of Cornell innovations resulting from the gap funding program. Faculty innovators, students, and entrepreneurs are invited to learn more and apply to our programs.

CTL will work with you to bring your research to the market for the betterment of society.

Ignite Information Sessions

The Ignite Innovation Acceleration Info Sessions for the Spring 2024 Cycle are coming up.

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Ignite Showcase

ignite showcase

The Ignite Showcase aims to celebrate the progress and successes of Cornell inventors and founders, exhibit the impact of the Ignite projects on the Cornell community and New York state economic development, and inform Cornell researchers and faculty on how the Ignite program can make an impact on their research and technology.

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Ignite Showcase 2023 is coming up on May 15. Learn more here.

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