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The Special Panel is a series of webinars where panelists, experts in different topics, will address the challenges and opportunities of bringing medical technology to commercialization.

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Past Events

CTL@WCM Special Panel: From Rats to Reagents: Navigating the Untapped Commercial Potential of Academic Research Tools

Dec 5, 2023

Research tools, such as cell lines, rodents, and reagents, are an essential part of exploring our unanswered scientific questions. While often overlooked for commercialization, licensing of research tools has the potential to reduce MTA burden and generate sizable financial returns. But what distinguishes an academic project from a successful commercial product? In this panel, the industry experts help you learn about the research tools industry and the valuable research tools that might be hiding in your freezer.

Watch the recording below.

CTL@WCM Special Panel on Healthcare Data Commercialization: What are we worried about?

March 30, 2023

Healthcare data and ‘Big Data’ technology brings the promise of advances in research, patient care and outcomes, and other economic benefits. Companies will continue to play a central role in delivering data-driven innovations but will require access, use, and control of massive amounts of patient data in the process. What could go wrong? This panel of experts in the field explored topics to assist those in the health-tech ecosystem invested in data.

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CTL@WCM Special Panel on Health Equity

October 11, 2022

On the occasion of diversity month, CTL@WCM addressed disparities in health and health care affecting underrepresented groups. Experts from academia, industry, government, and investment provided insights on the state of healthcare, discussed solutions to improve the conditions that drive health outcomes, and described existing programs that can sustainably address health disparities with a commercialization and investment lens.

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CTL@WCM Special Panel on Drug Repurposing

May 24, 2022

Can you teach an old drug new tricks? CTL@WCM assembled an expert panel that discussed with us the enticing shortcuts repurposing may offer, the pitfalls it brings and how to develop strategies to overcome them.

Watch the recording below.

CTL@WCM Special Panel on Women’s Health

March 17, 2022

In a special panel, CTL@WCM addressed the opportunities in the field with the lens of commercialization and venture creation. Our guest panelists provided insight as we explored the trends in women’s health, the emergence of women-led companies, and the role of women founders.

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