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Cornell AgriTech’s Geneva Apple Rootstock Program, under the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS), has made a significant global impact on apple cultivation. The program introduces three innovative rootstocks – Geneva 257, Geneva 484, and Geneva 66 – each tailored to specific growing conditions and resistant to diseases like fire blight.

Geneva 257 is ideal for high-density orchards and larger fruits, Geneva 484 enhances productivity and yield, and Geneva 66 suits cider-apple growers. These rootstocks, developed over 40 years and licensed through the Center for Technology Licensing at Cornell, are part of Cornell’s commitment to addressing future challenges in apple cultivation, including climate change and water salinity.

“CTL has licensed past apple rootstock releases to domestic and international nursery partners for over the last 30 years and will continue licensing these three newest varieties for commercial uptake,” said Albert Tsui, the Associate Director of Licensing – Plant Varieties at CTL.

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