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In a guest post on Pantently-O, Alice Li, Executive Director at the Center for Technology Licensing (CTL) at Cornell University and an AUTM Board Member, discusses that the crucial role of technology transfer in fostering innovation and commercialization is underscored. The article, part of the Diversity Pilots Initiative (DPI), initiated by AUTM, aims to promote inclusive innovation through meticulous research.

Alice also focuses on AUTM’s commitment to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) through its strategic approach. This includes the establishment of an EDI Committee to integrate diversity into every aspect of technology transfer, from education and promotion to professional networks. She urges universities, institutions, and technology transfer professionals to actively engage in AUTM’s initiatives, such as incorporating Innovator EDI Data into metrics for innovation, participating in demographic surveys, and joining mentoring programs.

Finally, she highlights the Ignite gap funding series managed by CTL, designed to support early-stage technologies with substantial commercial potential, emphasizing the importance of reaching out to diverse candidates to foster a more inclusive innovation ecosystem. The collective efforts of all stakeholders are deemed crucial in building a robust technology transfer system and promoting diversity in invention.

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