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The Inventor’s Patent Academy

Patents protect inventions so that inventors can focus on their work and be compensated for it. But many people don’t know how to navigate the patenting process, or even where...

CTL@WCM Office Hours with Eric Bryant

CTL@WCM Office Hours are open to all who wish to gain more information about the advancement of their patent filings and to discuss their technology venture project with a one-on-one...

Ignite Fellow for New Ventures Info Session #4

Join one of the virtual info sessions to learn about the program, the goals, the key features, the support provided to the fellows, the application process, and the newly implemented pre-phase to match candidates and faculty-inventors.

Ignite Meet Up for Fellows

In January, we will organize our first monthly Ignite Meetup for Fellows. In addition to discussing upcoming training and events for 2023, we will be hosting a conversation with John...

CTL Practicum Social Hour

The Center for Technology Licensing at Cornell University (CTL) has historically benefited greatly from working with Cornell’s bright, passionate, and creative students whose many contributions have helped CTL translate Cornell’s...

I-Corps Regional Course hosted by Cornell University

In this 4.5 week virtual course (February 27 - March 29), researchers working on a deep tech innovation “get out of your comfort zone” and talk with customers (virtually) to identify the best product-market fit.

Hiring a Scientific Team – Webinar

Weill Cornell Medicine Enterprise Innovation is hosting a virtual program on how to hire a scientific team with Dr. Yulia Sapir-Lekhovitser, CSO of Cornell Startup Fesarius Therapeutics.

Empower Conference 2023 Pitch Competition – Applications Open

The Empower Conference 2023 Pitch Competition celebrates women academic entrepreneurship and salutes all founders and researchers who have or are planning to commercialize university-developed intellectual property across all disciplines.

Due Diligence on Investors – Webinar

Find out the types of questions founders need to ask before approaching investors, as well as what to expect in a long-term partnership.