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Department: Animal Science

Lavender Foal Syndrome Test

Testing is easy and highly accurate, and can be performed at any point in time in the life of the animal with pulled hair, whole blood, in EDTA or bristle style cheek swaps. All breeding animals should be tested to avoid major losses and heartache for owners and to prevent morbidity in the animals.

NDS Professional

NDS Professional is a computer platform designed to support field nutritionists, helping them with nutrition management and “on-site” decision making. Developed in an object-oriented design and based on the most advanced new generation of .NET technology, NDS Professional is characterized by an easy to use interface.


OptiPhos® releases more phosphorous from feed grain in poultry and swine than any other phytase product. This results in an enhanced diet for the animal as inorganic phosphate is replaced by energy. In addition, OptiPhos® benefits the environment as substantially less phosphorus is released onto the land. This product was approved by the FDA in 2005.