Cornell’s Alstroemeria breeding program, led by Mark Bridgen, focuses on developing winter-hardy Inca Lilies with vibrant colors and continuous blooming. These vigorous garden perennials are all hardy to USDA zone 5 and showcase exceptional cold tolerance and vigorous growth.

Coral Chaos

‘Coral Chaos’ is Mark Bridgen’s latest winter-hardy Inca Lily. This vigorous garden perennial displays vibrant coral hues with salmon pink petals and yellow highlights on stems that grow 28-36 inches tall. Hardy to USDA zone 5 ‘Coral Chaos’ blooms continuously from late May to frost. In warmer states, it will flower in the spring and early summer and then rebloom in the fall when the temperatures get cooler. ‘Coral Chaos’ has excellent life as a cut flower – often lasting over two weeks in a vase.

Mauve Majesty

‘Mauve Majesty’ is a winter-hardy Inca Lily. Its elegant mauve hues are accentuated by delicate pink petals and subtle yellow undertones that continuously bloom from mid-June through September. With vigorous growth and cold tolerance up to USDA zone 5, ‘Mauve Majesty’ stands out because of its strong, upright floral stems that form dense clusters of foliage and blooms.

Tangerine Tango

‘Tangerine Tango’ has captivating orange-flowers with lemon-yellow highlights, delicate flecks of brown, and a subtle hint of lime. This vigorous grower forms a patch with 24–36-inch stems topped with clusters of narrow-petaled, bright orange flowers. Blooming from mid-June throughout summer, ‘Tangerine Tango’ adds a burst of color and energy to any garden landscape or bouquet as a cut flower.


Cornell’s Buddleia breeding program, led by former professor Peter Podaras, has introduced resilient, low-maintenance shrubs that are tolerant to heat, cold, and drought. These varieties feature vibrant, fragrant blooms that attract birds and butterflies, and importantly, do not set seed, preventing invasive spread.

Podaras #06

‘Podaras #06’ offers fragrant soft mauve-pink blooms that attract birds and butterflies, set against a backdrop of deep green-gray foliage. This variety promises exceptional reblooming capability and minimal maintenance. Preferring full sun, the dense and compact habit will reach a height of 1.5 meters. Its resilience to heat, cold, and drought makes it a reliable choice for diverse climates.

Podaras #09

‘Podaras #09’ is known for its striking appearance and reliability in the garden. This small to medium-sized shrub, reaching approximately 1.5 meters in height when mature, features an upright habit and dark-green foliage typical of the species. Its impressive inflorescences form large clusters of bright pink-purple flowers, blooming from early summer to the first frost.  ‘Podaras #9’ has heavily fragrant flowers that are sterile and will not re-seed. With heat, cold and drought tolerance, it is an exceptionally resilient choice for gardens.

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