The Center for Technology Licensing (CTL) is Cornell University's technology transfer office. We manage technology for Cornell's Ithaca campus, Weill Cornell Medicine, Cornell Tech, and Cornell AgriTech in Geneva.

CTL Practicum

CTL Practicum Center for Technology Licensing at Cornell University

The Center for Technology Licensing at Cornell University (CTL) has historically benefited greatly from working with Cornell’s bright, passionate, and creative students whose many contributions have helped CTL translate Cornell’s innovations into products and services for the benefit of society.  We are also proud to know those who have worked with us in the past have successfully leveraged their CTL experience into promising and successful careers in, among other areas, technology licensing, patent law, startups and business development.


To further enhance this mutually beneficial relationship, CTL is proud to introduce the CTL Practicum for Cornell graduate students.


The CTL Practicum is a paid program open to STEM and MBA graduate students (all campuses). We are seeking candidates who are available to work with us for at least 1 year, at a maximum of 10 hours per week. The practicants will be paid at an hourly rate.


The CTL Practicum includes:

  • A formalized application, screening and selection process
  • A robust training program about CTL and its scope of activities including evaluating innovations, assessing markets and potential licensees, creating effective marketing collateral, assessing patentability and patent landscapes, and learning about of the various types of contracts used by CTL to move innovations into the market place;
  • A clearly defined role on the CTL team with deliverables and the opportunity to meaningfully contribute to the success of the center’s mission and goals. Successful practicants will have the opportunity to explore and build experience with key aspects of innovation assessment and commercialization strategy, patenting and licensing agreements consistent with their career exploration interests.

CTL’s goal for the Practicum is to challenge Cornell’s graduate students while gaining valuable experience to help broaden their career options and gaining satisfaction in knowing that their contributions meaningfully helped Cornell fulfill its mission to commercialize its innovations and grow industry alliances.



Eligibility to the program

  • Open only to Cornell graduate students (all campuses).
  • Currently enrolled at Cornell University.


Selection Criteria

  • Demonstrated interest in technology transfer, innovation, entrepreneurship
  • Commitment and availability for 10 hours per week and ability to attend patent meetings and inventor meetings with Licensing Officers.
  • Approval of the research advisor.


Application Process

  • Complete the application form online
  • Submit a resume and a cover letter
  • Screened applicants will be invited for an in-person interview during the week of November 9, 2020 for Ithaca applicants.
  • Selected applicants are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement
  • Read the materials provided before the virtual training sessions in January
  • Mandatory participation to the training Sessions in January 2021.


Apply for CTL Practicum

Application period: October 1-30, 2020. Deadline Extended to November 2, 2020


Information Sessions

A virtual info session was held on October 2, 2020. Below is a recording of the info session.


Contact information

If you have any questions about the program or application process, please contact


Lynda Inseque
Corporate Outreach & Engagement Manager



2020 Cohort

Ithaca Office

Jin Liang CTL Practicum Center for Technology Licensing at Cornell UniversityJin Liang, Research Associate, Weill Institute for Cell and Molecular Biology
Martin Liu CTL Practicum Center for Technology Licensing at Cornell UniversityMartin Liu, Graduate Student, Food Science
Adam O'NealCTL Practicum Center for Technology Licensing at Cornell UniversityAdam O’Neal, Graduate Student, Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics
Ruby Xu CTL Practicum Center for Technology Licensing at Cornell UniversityRuby Xu, M.S. Student, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering


Weill Office

  • Rachel Leicher, Graduate Student, Tri-Institutional (Tri-I) Program in Chemical Biology (TPCB)
  • Olga Lyudovyk, Graduate Student, Tri-I Computational Biology and Medicine