Our Mission

The Center for Technology Licensing (CTL) is Cornell University’s technology transfer office. CTL’s mission is to bring the University’s scientific discoveries, technological innovations, and medical advances to the marketplace for societal benefit and to foster new venture creation and growth to support economic development within New York State and across the nation.

The office manages a broad array of technologies for Cornell’s various campuses, including the Ithaca campus, Weill Cornell Medicine (WCM), Cornell Tech in New York City, and Cornell AgriTech in Geneva.

To bridge the gap between lab and market, business ideas, and successful startups, CTL manages the university gap funding series and works closely with the university’s incubators and accelerators to advance commercialization, new ventures, and partnerships.

Our Team

Our team members are driven by the idea that the best way to fulfill our mission is born from seamless support to the research community, dedication, and expertise.

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Job Opportunities

Learn about the current openings at CTL, Cornell-licensed startups, and Ignite programs and work with like-minded peers for the greatest good.

Cornell Innovation & Venture Advisors

The Cornell Innovation & Venture Advisors group (“CIVA”) is an exclusive community of experts who are provided a first look at emerging technologies and venture opportunities from Cornell University’s Center for Technology Licensing (“CTL”) and Weill Cornell’s Enterprise Innovation. They meet quarterly to attend presentations from Cornell’s promising inventors and provide feedback regarding the market opportunities and the commercialization strategies for the innovation.

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Annual Reports

 CTL works diligently with Cornell researchers and innovators by bringing their inventions from the lab to the marketplace. As Cornell’s technology commercialization office, we are exploring new ways to create business opportunities, launching new ventures, and helping to commercialize Cornell technologies. Learn more about CTL’s annual activities and metrics.

2022 Annual Report Facts and Figures

419 IP Disclosures

Millions in Revenue

89 Licenses and Options

221 Patents Issued

11 Startups in 2022, 8 New Businesses in New York State

$2.9 M Total Ignite Investment

74 Ignite Projects Funded

$73.5 to $1 follow on funding for every Ignite

* Total projects funded for Ignite Innovation Acceleration and Startup Projects programs. Fellow for New Ventures and Intern for Startups not included.

**Total impact amount based on completed projects as of January 2023.

FY2022 Cornell-licensed Startups

Forte Protein

Forte Protein uses a plant-based technology to produce a broad spectrum of meat, fish, and dairy proteins without the need for animals to eliminate the carbon footprint involved in animal agriculture.


Geler developed a machine that can provide frozen products from any liquid in seconds and on-demand at any location without refrigeration.


KanduPay, Inc. is a dynamic cryptocurrency exchange, e-Wallet, and remittance solution that facilitates and eases the exchange of fiat & digital currencies, financial transactions, and wallet services across market channels for its platform users supporting major currencies across the globe (KanduPay.com).


Larkspur is a therapeutics company leveraging technology developed at Weill Cornell Medicine. Check back for additional information once the company emerges from stealth mode.


MedExplain is designed to meet the needs of patients and their loved ones who want plain facts about drugs, health, and disease. It is a publicly available resource designed to provide engaging, easily understood, and well-researched articles by doctors for people who want to know more about health, medicines, and diseases.

Onasys Controls

Export control for shipping research and clinical materials is complex and fraught with human error. Onasys leverages industry best practices and regulations to ensure your organization is productive, compliant, and safe.


Pelex is a digital health platform for pelvic floor disorders built on a proprietary connected medical device. The company’s goal is to revolutionize the patient experience by bringing diagnosis AND treatment of pelvic floor disorders out of the clinic and into the home.


Radrite is a non-profit, modern software company that has created the first mobile app for radiology CDSM. This software is inexpensive and easy for clinicians to integrate into their current practice.


REEgen is reimagining the global rare earth supply by replacing the most harmful production steps with clean microbial processes, securing these critical elements for a future of unbounded, widespread renewable energy.


Soctera is developing the world’s first aluminum nitride-based power amplifier. These amplifiers will allow higher power operation than other material platforms, such as gallium nitride or silicon.


XenImmune Therapeutics is developing a novel antibody-enzyme fusion to target tumors and trigger the robust immune response known as hyper-acute rejection.

Additional Cornell technology startup companies include Cornell Tech Runway startups. Learn about their impact on transforming key industries.