Champion™ pET SUMO Expression System

The Champion™ pET SUMO Protein Expression System offers a new and important tool for high-level soluble expression of proteins and peptides with native n-termini. The companion SUMO Protease enzyme works with the great specificity and efficiency on most substrates in a wide range of temperatures without undue damage to the protein of interest.

JK1 Passage-Independent Feeder Cells

JK1 is capable of promoting long term culture of primitive cells, allowing for the identification of stromal derived factors that support long term proliferation of various types of stem cells. This line can be passaged serially without losing its capacity to support stem cell self renewal and survival, making it a convenient alternative to other types of feeder layers.

Anti-pro-NGF Antibody

Pro-NGF is the uncleaved precursor form of NGF. The anti-pro-NGF antibody was generated by using GST-fusion protein with a peptide of NGF as the immunogen in rabbits. Unlike other antibodies generated to the mature domain of NGF, this antibody detects pro-NGF, but not mature NGF.

3,5-difluoro-4-hydroxybenzylidene imidazolinone

3,5-difluoro-4-hydroxybenzylidene imidazolinone (DFHBI) is a small molecule fluorophore. Upon binding to its aptamer, this molecule exhibits the spectral properties of enhanced green fluorescent protein (EGFP).


ZymTrap is a full system of products and services from Zymtronix that takes you from finding the right enzymes for your reaction to delivering next wave biocatalysis at an industrial scale. Our system is broken down into simple phases that can each be individually tailored and optimized to meet the needs of your process. Importantly, our universal technology can work with any enzymes and so there is no need to disclose proprietary information about your enzyme or the target reaction.

Anti-pro-BDNF Antibody

Pro-BDNF is the uncleaved precursor form of BDNF. The anti-pro-BDNF antibody was generated by using GST-fusion protein with a peptide of BDNF as the immunogen in chickens. The antibody detects pro-BDNF, but not mature BDNF.

Digycyl-Lysine Antibody, clone GX41

This is a monoclonal antibody which recognizes a diglycine modified lysine, the trypsinized remnant of ubiquitination. The recognition does not depend on neighboring backbone amino acid sequences. It has been shown to specifically detect peptides derived from the ubiquitinated portion of proteins.

Immortalized Mouse Cardiac Endothelial Cell (MCEC) Line

Immortalized Mouse Cardiac Endothelial Cell (MCEC) Line provides an excellent in vitro model for evaluation of the effects of specific genetic additions or deletions on endothelial physiology, because these cells can be easily and stably transfected with different genes or interest.

Antibody to mouse CD36

CD36 is a cell surface class B scavenger receptor. CD36 is preferentially found within lipid rafts, which facilitates its association with receptors, signaling and adapter molecules. CD36 binds to collagen, thrombospondin, anionic phospholipids and oxidized LDL. It may function as a cell adhesion molecule.


NIAGEN®, ChromaDex’s commercial brand of NR has been clinically demonstrated to significantly increase NAD+ and to promote mitochondria health, healthy cellular metabolism and healthy aging.